The Superman reboot finds its Martha Kent. Katee Sackhoff wants to be a supercop. Plus another round of Dark Knight Rises rumors!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Bane and Catwoman are just the tip of the villainous iceberg in the latest Dark Knight Rises rumors. Another Oscar-nominated actress is in the running for The Hunger Games. Katee Sackhoff wants a role on superpowered cop show Powers.

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Superman Reboot

Though there's still plenty of casting rumors flying around, we now have our second official casting, after Henry Cavill's Man of Steel. Diane Lane has now been officially cast as Martha Kent, and Zack Snyder offered this comment:

"This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination."



The Dark Knight Rises

It's apparently time for some more dubious spoilers about the movie's plot. According to an inside source, Anne Hathaway does indeed play Catwoman, and although it's unknown what side she is on at the start of the movie, she is definitely Batman's ally by the end. The main adversary is not Tom Hardy's Bane but instead the League of Shadows, now under the direction of Talia al Ghul. In this scenario, Bane is Talia's muscle and possible lover. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved with the League, although it's unknown if he's playing Black Mask or something else. This all seems incredibly unlikely to be true - I find it hard to believe that the two big cast announcements (Bane and Catwoman) are really just sideshows for the still unannounced Talia, and again the Talia character seems a seriously odd fit for the take on Ra's al Ghul we saw in Batman Begins. So, take this with a grain of salt, if you even think it's worth that much. [Badass Digest]

The Avengers

Marc Ruffalo explains the motion capture process that allows him to digitally Hulk out:

"Here's this algorithm that digitally puts 2,000lbs of muscle onto my body. It's weird. I wear this skinny little suit with reflective balls all over it. When we shot the stuff, I was actually standing in a warehouse with a couple of cardboard boxes and some foam mats. But when I looked at the monitor there I was as the Hulk in this landscape with cars and boulders and hills."


[MTV Splash Page]

Star Trek 2

Producer (and potential director) J.J. Abrams offered another update on the script, which he still hasn't read but should receive shortly:

"I can't wait to check it out. The first one was about the characters meeting, and the sequel's going to have to be more about what they do now that they're a family."


[MTV Movies Blog]

The Hunger Games

Another Oscar nominee has emerged as a contender for the main role of Katniss Everdeen: 20-year-old Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly read for the role and even emerged as the runaway favorite. Her competition for the part reportedly includes fellow Oscar nominees Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), both of whom are quite a bit younger than Lawrence. Steinfeld is the only one who has confirmed she's in the running, so don't take any of this as confirmed, but it seems like a safe bet that director Gary Ross and Lionsgate are looking for a prestigious young actress for the main role. [Variety]


Battle: Los Angeles

Here's a roundup of the recent TV spots, and one sneak peek: [SpoilerTV]

Bond 23

Kevin Spacey explains the reports that he was in talks for a villain role, which he says are false...but he wouldn't be against getting involved somewhere down the line:

"Actually, what happened is, I was never asked to do it," he revealed. "I was never offered it. Someone asked me if I'd like to do it, and I said I would have loved to do it, but I don't think I could have even been considered because I'm doing 'Richard III' at the same time that Sam [Mendes] is [shooting 'Bond 23']. But at some point down the line? Sure."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Men in Black 3

Spider-Man and War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp has reportedly been hired to rewrite the movie's main section, which is set in 1969 and features Will Smith's Agent J teaming up with a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones's Agent K, as played by Josh Brolin. Although a lot of the present-day sequences are thought to have already been shot, production halted a while back to allow these script problems to be fixed. [Deadline]


Jack the Giant Killer

Eleanor Tomlinson, whose past credits include supporting roles in The Illusionist and Alice in Wonderland, has joined the film as the princess who Nicholas Hoult's Jack has to rescue from giants. []


Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

Despite The Lightning Thief's tepid performance both here and overseas, the movie did apparently do just well enough to warrant a sequel. First movie director Chris Columbus reportedly won't be back, star Logan Lerman is thought likely to return, and Ed Wood writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are reportedly working on the screenplay. [The Los Angeles Times]



Episode 18 will reportedly be called "Bloodline." [SpoilerTV]

Responding to a tweet, executive producer Joel Wyman wouldn't rule out a possible return by Sebastian Roche's Thomas Jerome Newton, but said that Peter Weller's character Alistair Peck is definitely dead. [@JWFringe]


Here's a couple of set videos: [SpoilerTV & TwitVid]

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Torchwood: Miracle Day

John Fay confirms he is writing the penultimate episode 9, which is primarily set in Wales and has already mostly been filmed. He also offered this take on the series's tone:

Russell [T. Davies] and Julie Gardner remain in charge, so I think it'll still have the same basic tone. There are more American characters in it, so obviously it'll probably feel more American."


[Liverpool Daily Post]

The Walking Dead

AMC has launched a new website that says the show will return in the fall, making another Halloween premiere date likely and bringing an end to any realistic hope of an earlier premiere date. [AMC]



Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff has tweeted that she wants a role on the TV adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis's Powers, which follows two cops in a world where superpowers are common. Presumably, Sackhoff wants to play main character Deena Pilgrim, who she does have a very close resemblance to. [@KateeSackhoff]


Locke and Key

Comics creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez confirm Nikita's Ksenia Solo has been cast as Dodge, "The Lady in the Well." They also confirmed that the character's multiple genders will be kept intact, so a male actor will also be cast for when Dodge enters her male form. Check the link for more reactions and opinions on how their work is being adapted. [MTV Splash Page]


No Ordinary Family

Stephen Collins explains how Lucy Lawless's Mrs. X ties in with his Dr. King, whether Joshua will return, and what lies ahead in the final episodes:

"She's the power behind the throne and I think they have some some history. It's just been so much fun because not only is Lucy so much fun to work with, her character becomes instrumental in the working out of the finale which is just so cool."...So yes, we saw Joshua leaving town and that is sort of relatively simple one to think that doesn't mean he isn't coming back. But to their credit, the writers are finding out much more complicated and I think fun ways so that you never know in this world if things are what they seem to be. There are a lot of surprises in store for viewers over the course of the last few episodes, a lot of information about King is revealed and another whole set of extraordinary circumstances are set up so that in the second season will create fascinating context for the show."


[The TV Addict]

The Event

Here's a featurette on the show's visual effects. [SpoilerTV]

The show will air its midseason premiere a day early in Canada, and all subsequent Canadian broadcasts will go out a few hours earlier than their American counterparts. So if you're desperate to see The Event a few hours earlier and you have no issues with the tenets of parliamentary democracy...well, you know where to go. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Diane Lane? Plus Smallville's Martha, Annette O'Toole. I'm confused. I thought Martha was supposed to be motherly and not spark MILF fantasies.

Part of the problem with the newer Bond movies is that the supervillain is rather wussy compared to Bond which is why I like the idea of Keyser Soze... I mean Kevin Spacey as a Bond villain.