The superhero movie that makes Catwoman look like Citizen Kane

Here are the greatest moments from Black Scorpion 2, the Roger Corman-produced superhero film about the woman in the shiny black bustier and mask. This movie is what you would get if you forced Halle Berry's Catwoman to guzzle Everclear until its IQ dropped into single digits.


The scenes above consist of: 1) a snippet of the opening action sequence, where a "bride" and an Elvis impersonator with a star painted over one eye rob a jewelry store and then get chased by the Black Scorpion, who in turn is being chased by a cop. 2) A fantastic sequence where that same cop confronts the Gangster Prankster, who's basically the Joker and Two-Face rolled into one, sort of like Prince's "Batdance" video. "How do you like my balls?" Indeed. 3) The big fight scene between Black Scorpion and Aftershock. Notice that Aftershock has somehow gotten some gigantic tubs of Vibranium, the rarest metal in the Marvel Universe. (Somebody tell the Wakandans!) 4) The final confrontation between Black Scorpion and Gangster Prankster, in which the fakest looking half-clown severed head in history goes flying through the air.

I didn't even manage to include the sequence where the cop spends like two minutes inhaling Black Scorpion's panties before actually wearing them on his face so that they cover all but one eye, while having an extended fantasy sequence about Black Scorpion smoking a cigar. Nor does this include all of the Gangster Prankster's craziest moments, like his jail break. Or the climax, where Black Scorpion and Aftershock finally become friends. So you still have plenty of incentive to rent this masterpiece of cinema. [IMDB]

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Video Beagle

The difference being that Black Scorpion was lowbudget vaguely softcore, while Catwoman was a big budget mainstream release staring an oscar winner.

Edit: What? I've been unstarred? Seriously? For what? Complaining that the new format isn't good or that just being a link farm isn't why people come to io9?