The Sun's polarity is about to flip (and here's what that means)

The Sun's magnetic field is poised to reverse its polarity in the coming months. NASA's not sure exactly when – something in the next few months or so – but when it does, it'll mark the midpoint (aka "solar max") of this, the 24th Solar Cycle.

As this video explains, that won't mean much for us here on Earth. This polarity switch occurs every eleven years or so, usually with basically zero fanfare – unless you're a solar physicist. And while solar max often coincides with an abundance of sunspots and solar storms, this year's midpoint has actually been of interest to researchers for its relative lack of activity.



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I propose we start a new festival to honour the sun cycle.

Shall we go classic stereotypical Pagan and dance naked around a giant bonfire?

Or, SUPER modern and dance naked around a nuclear fusion reactor (perhaps that one they're building in the the South of France...)?

Either way, there better be some damn flower garlands.