The Sunglasses-Wearing, Phallus-Headed Alien

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Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Requiem will be unwrapped in theaters on Christmas Day, unleashing strange alien design and horror everywhere, but that shiny-headed killing machine is more than 30 years old now. It wasn't created from scratch for the original Alien in 1979, but was based on two paintings created by H.R. Giger several years before.

Giger painted "Necronom IV" (above) in 1976, and it later ended up becoming the inspiration for the Alien design he did for Ridley Scott when he began working on the film. You can definitely see the beginnings of the final Alien creature here, except for those sunglasses and what can only be described as an alien dickhead.

Giger's painting "Necronom V" (seen below) presents an alien being in stark contrast to the one shown in IV, and looks much more sensuous and feminine than the one in IV. Thank god he lost the sunglasses and shortened that head up a bit, because it looks a bit more ridiculous than scary. Of course, if we saw anything coming at us that had been drawn by Giger, it would surely result in a bladder-emptying race in the opposite direction.

Illustration for article titled The Sunglasses-Wearing, Phallus-Headed Alien

Check out the video below where he explains what went into the design, and how he loathes the light. We always figured him for some sort of undead creature of the night.

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