The Suicide Squad Movie Has Lost Its First Member

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The Suicide Squad is known for losing members all the time, but they usually diie during missions. This time, however, it appears Tom Hardy's Rick Flagg has taken off before their debut movie even began.


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tom Hardy has dropped out of the film, which is less surprising to me than the fact he was announced in the first place. It always struck me as weird that Hardy would sign up to play a much more minor DC villain in an ensemble film after being Bane in The Dark Knight Rises — besides, he's basically graduated into full-fledged star who can carry his own films, like with Mad Max: Fury Road.

So what's next? Will Warner Bros. look for a new actor to play Flagg? Might they consider substituting a somewhat more interesting DC villain for the role? Will this be the first departure of many, forcing the film's April 2015 shoot date to be postponed and eventually causing the entire movie to fall into eternal limbo? We shall see.


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Maybe the role turned out to be...

the bane of his existence.