The Stylish First Trailer For Syfy's "Mad Men In Space" Show Ascension

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In the alternate reality of Syfy's upcoming TV miniseries Ascension, President Kennedy launched 600 Americans into space aboard a generation ship. In this trailer, we get a peek at the world where people—including Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer—have lived in space for decades but still dress like it's the 1960s.


Ascension is set 50 years into a century-long space voyage, and focuses on the fallout from the first murder in the mission's history. This trailer doesn't give us much of the plot, but it does let us look at the fashions and design of this retro space journey.

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I get the idea of "Mad Men in Space", but at the same time wouldn't it be more interesting to simply see a show about what would happen if you put a group of people from 1960 in a spaceship and launched it?

Flashing forward 50 years but still having them act like it's 1960 doesn't make any sense. Even in a vacuum SOME of their culture would've likely developed their own trends/attitudes.

It'd likely be damn near impossible to do well, but I'd love to see this concept in reverse. We start in 1960s US with a ship full of people taking off. 50 years later they land and suddenly have to deal with the differences in how they developed as a society compared to the rest of the country.

Hell, part of the fun would be what similarities the two cultures have just as much as what was different.