Check Out the Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous New Movie From the Studio Behind Legend of Korra

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We don’t know a lot about this upcoming Chinese animated film, but wow does it look pretty.

Big Fish and Begonia has apparently been in the works from directors Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun for over a decade through their self-owned animated studio B&T, before Studio Mir—the South Korean animation studio best known for Legend of Korra—joined the project in 2014, back when it was known as Da Hai.

The film follows a sixteen-year-old girl named Chun from a mystical world hidden within the world of humans who transforms into a dolphin to explore the human world, encountering a mysterious young boy who sacrifices his life to save her—leading her on a journey to protect his soul and revive him.


It seems very unlikely that the film will get a Western release, but at least we get to see these downright beautiful trailers. Big Fish and Begonia will release in China July 8th.


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Wait is Legend of Korra getting a new movie? I’m confused by this headline.