The Struggle Is Surreal For a Student Who Can't Stay Awake in This Animated Short

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We’ve all been there—midway through a boring lesson or meeting, maybe after a late night or not enough caffeine, the simple task of staying awake becomes a mighty struggle. Seoro Oh’s Afternoon Class, about a student’s failing efforts to just keep his eyes open, has a lot of weird fun with this scenario.


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When I was a Freshman in college, I was in a small English class at 8:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday. And every class, save for two, I was unable to stay awake longer than 15 minutes in, and would wake 15 minutes before the end. The two days I stayed awake it was due to Vivarin.

The professor never said a word, despite the fact we were sitting in a circle of 15 people and he could not have missed my ever bobbing head (I knew the rest of the class saw it because they’d joke about it outside of class).

Near the end of the year, he pointed out that 30% of our grade would be participation in class. I started to freak, as I had been incapable of participating due to my inability to avoid sleeping. My friend from class told me in all seriousness “Go talk to him. Tell him you suffer from narcolepsy. I’m serious, he’ll believe it!”

I never did, and he never said anything, but he gave me an A anyways. I learned after that to *never* schedule 8am classes if I could help it.

I went through nearly the same struggle with my first managing job as we had weekly 10am meetings that didn’t even apply to me. At least by then I could finally figure out the formula: A long setting where I was only talked at and not actively involved in the discussion = napsville.

The struggle is so very real.