The Strangest Story About The Matrix You'll Ever Hear

Sometimes watching the climax of a movie can be a little more climactic than you might think. In this video, a hacker named Jake explains something very NSFW that is related to Agent Smith beating the crap out of Neo. After this story, you might want to take the blue pill.

This is the second part in our series of vids in which people tell us strange stories about naughty things they did while consuming science fiction.

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Acid, Opening Day...

lots of leaves in that movie...never again.

but back OT - I don't think it's cool at all that people seem to think it's ok or fun to play with their junk, or the junk of another in a movie theater - which is, I'll admit, not unlike a temple in my view...

add to that the creepy vibe I feel when people describe how aroused they get when watching other people get the shit kicked out of them...

oh and I mentioned this before but...does anyone still describe themselves as a 'hacker'? Jake doesn't look like a 'hacker' - he looks like a douche - unless he's going for the look of someone in Hackers [] in which case he's nailed it.

wow...sorry... ;)