The Strangest Installations and Art Projects on Earth

"If someone ever catches you burying a murder victim," an eerily confident artist once told us, "quickly reassure them that it's for an art project. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it's enough to get them quickly off your case."

Art pieces like these are why that advice rings so true.

Above: Erik Johansson: Mind Your Step, 2011, Stockholm, Sweden

(via Erik Johansson)

Orestes de la Paz: Human Soap, 2013


The performance artist used his own liposuctioned insides to create 20 bars of soap. All of them are available for purchase for the price of $1,000 each. The soap is made of 25% human body fat, 30% organic coconut oil, 30% organic vegetable shortening, 15% African shea butter, and a little bit of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil.

"There is always a certain amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into any artwork. I just make it more explicit," said la Paz about this project.

(via Prafulla)

Bart Jansen: The Orvillecopter, 2012


Jensen turned his dead cat to a remote-controlled helicopter.

(via Dennis van Zuijlekom)

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs: Camera Collection, 2012


A series of cameras, made from unusual items such a turtleshell, a horn and an armadillo.


(via TONK)

Luzinterruptus: Literature Versus Traffic, Melbourne, Australia, 2012


(via Luzinterruptus)

Mark Jenkins: Under the Rainbow (A dead guy with balloons under a bridge), Malmö, Sweden, 2008


(via XMarkJenkinsX)

Benjamin Verdonck: Nest Rotterdam, 2008

(via RebelArt)

Deborah Sengl: Puma as Dentist treats Stag as Patient, 2006


(Photo by AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz)

Antony Gormley: Asian Field, 2004


192,000 similar clay figures were made by 350 Chinese people under the artist's direction in 2003. The figures were exhibited in some places around the world.


(Photo by Chiaki Tsukumo/AP and Greg Baker/AP)

Doris Salcedo: 1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003


(via My Modern Metropolis)

Marina Abramović: Rhythm 0 - Is there really a killer in each of us?, 1974

In this trust exercise Abramović had placed 72 objects (a feather boa, a rose, scissors, honey, a knife and a gun with a single bullet, among others) to a table for the viewers to use them on her body for the next 6 hours. As time passed, the people began to cut up the performer's clothes, stuck rose thorns in her stomach, aimed the gun at her head, but another person took away.


(via Imgur)

Pierro Manzoni: Artist's Shit, 1961


In May 1961 he created 90 small cans, priced by weight based on the current value of gold. Nobody knows what is inside them, but the No. 83 item was sold for $149,000 in October 2008.

(via Traube Blog)


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