The strangest (and nakedest) teleportation scene ever committed to film [NSFW]

The Japanese cult manga Gantz recently became a cult movie — which is now available in America on DVD and Blu-Ray. The premise is bizarre, and the dubbing is hilarious, though luckily you have the option to watch it with subtitles. There are so many delightfully random scenes in this movie that it really must be watched in its entirety, especially for the fight scenes with monster robot alien Buddhas where people spend a lot of time staring when they should be shooting.

It's one of those movies where people stare soulfully at their shoes through curtains of beautiful hair — and then are forced by a strange cyborg entity named Gantz to use high-tech weapons to kill things like onion-headed aliens. You know what I mean. The plot, such as it is, finds a group of recently-dead people taking orders from a giant black orb. As long as they kill the monsters that the orb wants, they earn points. The more points, the more likely they will get out of this bizarre situation.

Every time a new person is brought in to join the monster-killing team, they are teleported in by the sphere with possibly the coolest and slowest teleportation effect I've ever seen. Here, you can see some teleportation cheesecake in the form of a woman who conveniently dies in the shower. Of course she immediately becomes the love interest of practically everybody, but I won't ruin the love triangle for you. Just watch the movie! You will be filled with feelings of confusion and delight.

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The "nakedest?"


And yes, I realize that some people would rather see a naked Japanese woman than a naked Goldblum, but respek.