You may pride yourself on your ability to hold your alcohol, but would you sip on vino infused with snakes and scorpions? How about a tonic of three-day-old mice? Here are some of the weirdest alcoholic drinks we've come across. Some sound delicious, while others you'd have to be drunk to down.

Snake, scorpion, and lizard wine



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Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer


Mamma Mia! was developed in 2006 in a home brewery in Campton Township, Illinois, by Tom and Athena Seefurth.

"The Margarita pizza is put into the mash & steeped like a tea bag. A whole wheat crust made with water, flour & yeast is topped with tomato, oregano, basil & garlic. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off with hot water and filtered into a brewpot, where it is boiled for a long, long time. During the process, we add hops & spices in a cheesecloth type bag & filter the cooled liquid into a fermentation vessel. (big glass 6 gallon water jug). After a week or two, the beer is good to go. Keg it or bottle it." – says the product's homepage.

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Shenandoah Chocolate Donut Stout Beer from Virginia


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Voodoo Doughnut Beers


Bacon Maple Ale

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Ale

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Vermont White Vodka


Triple distilled in small batches from pure milk, sugar and local spring water.

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Rice Wine with baby mice


Immersed in this traditional Chinese and Korean health tonic are a bunch of little mice (no more than three days old) with closed eyes.

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Bakon, the Bacon Vodka


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Kumis (or Kymyz)


This lightly alcholic drink of Central Asia contains only between 0.7 and 2.5% alcohol. It's a fermented dairy product made from mare's milk, which has 40% more lactose than cow's milk before the fermentation process.

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Chili vodka


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Mekong River Eel Wine


This wine from Laos includes river eels from the Mekong River, ginseng roots, and herbs.

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Reindeer horn whiskey


This strong Laotian white rice whiskey is fermented in clay pots for over a year and infused with reindeer horns and herbs.

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The Mexican distilled alcoholic beverage is made from the maguey plant (agave). Some bottles of mezcal contains a larva of a moth, added during the bottling process.

The Scorpion Mezcal, an extreme mezcal

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Giant Centpiede Whiskey


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Pinnacle Vodkas


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Agwa de Bolivia, a Coca Leaf Liqueur

This green liqueur is made from coca leafs, guarana, ginseng, lime juice concentrate, and 36 other herbs.


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Seagull Wine


The weirdest of all drinks was invented by the Inuits. To make the drink, stuff a dead seagull into a bottle of water and put in direct sunlight until fermented.

“If you opened up a Toyota’s carburetor and drank the leftover fluid from inside, that would be pretty close. It goes down hard and settles in even worse. But I must say it sure gets people inebriated in a hurry. And the next day’s hangover is nothing short of spectacular. You’ll feel like you’ve been repeatedly beaten over the head by a giant…well, seagull.” – according to Suzanne Donahue.

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The Three Penis Liquor


This rice wine is a Chinese traditional medicine that has various types of animal penis (seal, deer and Cantonese dog) brewed in it to grant male potency and virility to the drinker. Please direct all of your The League jokes to the comment section.

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