We were thrilled to see wine made for cats the other day — but this wasn't the first time someone has marketed beer, wine or sodas aimed at your pet. Check out our gallery of the tastiest and wildest beverages for dogs and cats!

Alcohol-free Fine Wine for Dogs from Bark Vineyards named Barkundy (beef), Pinot Leasheo (chicken), White Sniff-n-Tail (salmon) and Sauvignon Bark (chicken) and Meowlot for cats

(via Bark Vineyards and Popsop)

Pet Pop, a soft drink for pets in four flavors and natural spring water with Vitamin B

(via PRWeb and Agua-mineral)

Happy Lager

(via Ajimi Japan and Breezeks)

Machu's Blend (with chamomile, ginger root, fennel seed, skullcap and calendula), a herbal tea for dogs by California Tea House

(via California Tea House)

Happy Tail Ale with beef flavor

(via Doggie Chronicles and Napa Valley Register)

Thirsty Dog! (with Crispy Beef flavor) and Thirsty Cat! (Tang Fish flavored) bottled pet drinks from the mid-1990s

(via Things My Belly Likes)

Kwispelbier, a beer for dogs created by a Dutch pet shop owner named Terrie Berenden in 2007

(via Gizmodo)

Pet Sweat, the energy drink for canines

(via Tokyo Times)

Dawg Grog Dog Beer

(via Dawg Grog)

Nyan Nyan, the Japanese wine for felines

(via Kotaku and Pet-Bitokenko)

Dogdration, a vitamin-enhanced peanut butter flavored deionized water beverage

(via Dog-Milk)

Bowser Beer, a beefy brown ale

(via Amazon)

Sports drink for dogs: Dogade and GoDog

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And there is even bottled water for dogs, too!

The products contain natural spring water and other organic/natural active ingredients, and contain no added sugar, salt or artificial flavoring, according to Special Waters. – according to the Special Waters company.

(via Petfood Industry)