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The strange case of the lost luchador-versus-Dracula nudie flick

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Lucha libre superstar-crimefighter-detective-Renaissance man Santo defeated scads of fearsome monsters over the course of his 54-film career. Despite these harrowing battles, Santo always kept his movies family-friendly. He knew that mummy-fighting luchadores weren't just entertainers — they were role models.


Given Santo's stance, it should come as no surprise that for many years an alternate cut of Santo's 1969 film Santo en El tesoro de Drácula (Santo in Dracula's Treasure) featuring nekkid vampire girls was lost to the ages. And to make matters odder, Guillermo del Toro recently tried to show the adults-only cut at a film festival and was Santo's wrestler son. Welcome to the awesome world of luchador politics.


In Santo en El tesoro de Drácula, Santo (the scientific genius that he is) invents a time machine to visit the past, and a hornball Dracula follows the wrestler's sexy female colleague to the present. Outside of Mexico, the film was released as El Vampiro y El Sexo, which featured Dracula's army of she-vampires topless. This bawdy cut faded into complete obscurity, that is, until Guillermo del Toro attempted to resurrect it. The blog Lioncorn has the details:

The nudie version of the film was quickly shuffled out of theaters and disappeared. For years it has been argued whether this film even existed. [...] UP UNTIL A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO. It was reported that the producer of the film's grand-niece had discovered the adult version of the film in dusty film cans. Last month the film was, at last, set to premiere in Mexico. Director, Guillermo del Toro had arranged a selection of vampire films to show at the Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara.

But the lost film was never screened. How come? Santo's luchador progeny El Hijo del Santo asked festival organizers to halt the showing of the film. The scenes were apparently added without Santo's consent. Here's his Google-translated response, in which he asks the organizers not to screen the fleshy scenes as part of a Santo movie:

Illustration for article titled The strange case of the lost luchador-versus-Dracula nudie flick

[My] father was very careful to show a clean image, never agreed to do sex scenes, or use any weapon, unless the script required it and, if anything, only fired into the air, not "kill" anyone, never saw him smoking and sometimes had scenes where he accepted a drink [...]


At the end of the day, I think it's kind of amazing that...

A.) Topless scenes were spliced into a Santo flick. That's like putting random nudity in Adam West Batman episodes.


B.) We live in a world in which the son of a famous luchador can use the sheer force of his legacy to prevent topless vampires from corrupting the populace. Reality beats fiction in the weirdness department sometimes.

Top image of Santo and Blue Demon Vs. Dracula and Wolfman, an entirely different luchador versus monster film, via Wrong Side of the Art. Hat tip to Steve!


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Kirth Gersen

Most people in Mexico interested only in the shock value (the vampires appear toppless and that is it) think that the "Hijo del Santo" is being a dick for stopping the film screening (some more cynical even suggested it was a monetary issue and they weren't offering enough, I guess only time will tell if that was the case), but as you said in your article the topless scenes were added later with almost no point of reference or sense at all, so I believe he has a point in disagreeing, he is the heir of his father legacy and his father told him to never let that legacy be tainted.

It is like having the original "Return of The Jedi" include nude slaves in the Jabba The Hutt hideaway and screen that on Sci-Fi convention, of course Lucas would insta-kill anyone who dared to mess with the Star Wars legacy, but "El Santo" only has one person to look after his legacy, his son.