Guillermo del Toro's vampire series The Strain is mere months from premiering and so far we've only seen glimpses into this horror show. But this latest teaser trailer is a whole lot more than a graphic eye-torture shot.

You see, in The Strain the vampires are explored from a loose science angle. It's the perfect GDT mash-up: half science, half supernatural. In the teaser you see a little worm creature sliding into the pupil of its victim, which is how folks get infected and become vampires. The little worm guys can enter your body from just about anywhere and crawl under your skin in seconds (it doesn't have to go through an eye, though, that was just for added gross out appeal). The host is then rotten with wormy creatures, and slowly, they transform into a bloodthirsty creature that defecates while it eats. Can't. Wait.