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Ever wonder where wine corks come from? "From cork trees," the informed reader might reply — and they'd be right. Cork oaks, to be exact. In what are known as cork forests. Cork forests! Those are a thing!


I just learned a lot of very interesting things about cork — more than I ever thought there was to know, really — from a great little photo-essay done up by the folks over at Wine Anorak. For example, not all wine-bottle corks are created equal; "good" cork companies store their cork differently than "bad" cork companies; corks are sorted by the eyes of real-live people; and the "twin-top" cork is a surprisingly recent — not to mention enormously successful — development in cork technology.

Seriously, check this photo essay out. You'll be glad you did.

[wA via Ms. Marley via NYT Bits Blog]

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