The Story of Korra and Asami Will Continue in the Legend of Korra Comic

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Excellent news, Avatar fans! If you’re still sad at the ending of Legend of Korra, prepare for good news‚Korra’s adventures will continue in a brand new comic from Dark Horse.


The new ongoing series will be penned by Avatar and Korra co-creator (and writer of several Avatar comics for Dark Horse) Michael Dante DiMartino, adding some canonical weight to the proceedings. Other details from the announcement are scarce, other than the following gif, created by fellow co-creator Bryan Konietzko that accompanied it:

Which pretty much confirms that not only will the series pick up exactly where the show left off, but also that we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of the romantic relationship between Korra and Asami established at the very end of the series.

It’s still a little sad that we don’t get to see Korra and her friends again on TV, but it’s still fantastic to see that there’s more to come from Legend of Korra just yet.

There’s no word on when the series will debut, but let’s hope it’s soon.

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The Korrasami is real!

I was a bit worried there would be a mandate for comics like the show finale to avoid showing the relationship to much but don’t think that will be an issue after all.