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Do you smell like your twin? One study actually went to the trouble of finding out.

The study looked to see if non-cohabitating twins have the same body odor. Does genetics play a role in how we smell? The study got sets of twins who lived separately from one another to sweat themselves up and smelled. The results:

"Here we show that odors of identical twins (but not dizygotic twins) can be matched by human sniffers at rates better than chance, even when the twins are living apart. In addition, matching frequencies for identical twin odors were not significantly different from those for duplicate odors from the same individual. These results indicate an important genetic influence on body odor and the potential for developing technologies for human odor printing in relation to underlying genotype."


It ends on a rather sinister note. One day, anyone who has our DNA might work up a smell profile that can be used to track us down. Big Brother is smelling you.

Image: great_sea.

[Via Body Odor Similarity in Noncohabitating Twins]


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