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The stars are falling over Greece in amazing time-lapse video

The stars are always moving through the night sky, but the effect is so slow that it's hard to really grasp it. That's why there's this video, which throws in various Greek landmarks just to be even more ridiculously beautiful.


Star trails are some of the most visually arresting artifacts of time-lapse photography, as the continuous exposure traces a star's full motion through the night sky. This video takes some of the most amazing time-lapse photography of Chris Kotsiopoulos of GreekSky, and sets it all to Muse's "Undisclosed Desires." It's the night sky like you've never seen before, as star trails (along with the Sun and Moon) are juxtaposed with ancient temples, Orthodox churches, and an abandoned shipwreck, among others.


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I do love time lapse music videos. This one is very cool. I really liked this one