The Stargate Reboot Finds A Pair of Screenwriters

Illustration for article titled The iStargate/i Reboot Finds A Pair of Screenwriters

Stargate (the movie) is coming back not a sequel, but as a total reboot. Original movie director Roland Emmerich is on to produce and direct... again. And now the reboot has found writers.


THR is reporting that Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods (both who have a long list of small parts in various films) are in final negotiations to write the script of this new, intended trilogy of Stargate movies. Both also worked on the script for Independence Day 2 (another Emmerich vehicle). Dean Devlin, the original Stargate scribe, is also on to produce. With so much the same, it's hard to speculate on whether anything from the original will be changed that much — or maybe it'll just be updated a bit? Will they just dust off and kick the gigantic Stargate circle?

Who knows. One thing is certain, it will be hard to replace James Spader. 1994 was peak Spader.

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