If you're like me the final Stargate Atlantis episode left you pretty unsatisfied. SGA producers took to the internet to tell us what would have happened next season, if execs hadn't pulled the plug.


There was a lot of material left over for Stargate's season 6. We picked out the very best of the left-overs that may have helped explain why the directors, writers and producers did what they did in the finale.

Atlantis Here On Earth:
The best part of the finale was that Atlantis came back to Earth, because it opened up so many possibilities. Now that Atlantis is on Earth, will they stay there? Episode #1 and #2 for season six would have dealt with Atlantis now being back in the hands of the I.O.A. on Earth. I'm sure the crew would spend some time perusing the planet, but you know these kids would get hungry for the Pegasus galaxy, and then they'd have to take it up with the top brass about letting go of Atlantis. Mallozzi explained that this may be a good starting off point for a character-driven TV movie.

Since the idea originally conceived for the opening two-parter will now be the basis of the first Stargate: Atlantis movie, the difference being that we’ll be able to tell our story on a much bigger, visual effects-laden, character-centered canvas.

Children of the Corn Episode:
The crew stumbles upon a ship full of sleeping kiddies. After awakening all the wee ones, a mystery ship appears and opens fire on the cast.

Our heroes try to outpace their pursuer and, as a game of intergalactic cat and mouse ensues, the team begins to suspect that their young passengers may not be as innocent and harmless as they appear.


More Crazy Test Stories Like "Ghost In The Machine":
Carl Binder was most likely going to come back and tell more spooky Atlantis stories about ghosts and replicators.

The placeholder title is Carl’s Replicator Story but it could just as easily have been Carl’s Ghost Story.


I'm super depressed they didn't get to write or film this story, especially since it was "Marty G's" idea and he is by far my favorite brain in the Atlantis hive. Here's the pitch:

#5: Classic Atlantis: Marty G. wanted to do a story that took place in the early years of the Atlantis expedition, sort of a flashback to an adventure we’d never seen (along the lines of the Lost SG-1 Episode Rob had discussed doing years back). Given Torri’s reluctance to reprise the role of Elizabeth Weir in Ghost in the Machine (after all, the whole point of doing the episode would have been to reconnect with some familiar faces) and Paul‘s reluctance to do a flashback episode that begged the question “Why the hell DIDN‘T we see this in season one?”, the story was shelved.


But wait there's more, much more, from pissed-off Asgard seeking revenge on Atlantis (I think) to time traveling McKay. Check them all out, over at Joseph Mallozzi's blog.

And finally here's the filming of SGA's final scene from Mallozzi as well. It still gets me all choked up.


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