Back in the '90s, there was almost a Star Wars compilation album with The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack on it. Almost.


Think back, if you can, to 1995, when LucasArts released a first-person shooter called Star Wars: Dark Forces. (Yeah, we know: '95 is the videogame equivalent of the Bronze Age.) An enterprising Lucasfilm Licensing staffer named Lucy Autrey Wilson thought it'd be neat to do a line of original Star Wars soundtrack CDs. It didn't happen but, according to her, Virgin's A&R guys put together an imagined soundtrack to that game. Here's what would've been on it:

Massive Attack, "Protection"
Massive Attack, "Karmacoma"
Massive Attack, "Weather Storm"
Fluke, "Tosh"
Fluke, "Bullet"
Whale, "Pay For Me"
Whale, "That's Where It's At"
Photek, "KJZ"
The Chemical Brothers, "Leave Home"
The Chemical Brothers, "Chemical Beats"
The Chemical Brothers, "F**k Up Beats"

(Via @bonniegrrl)

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