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The Star Wars Portion Of The Internet Can Close Down Now

Illustration for article titled The Star Wars Portion Of The Internet Can Close Down Now

Ever thought that John Williams' classic Star Wars theme music needed a disco beat and lyrics to be appreciated properly? And, if possible, that those lyrics be sung in Japanese? Rejoice; your day has come.


Behold the genius of Masato Shimon:

AltJapan has, thankfully, provided a partial translation of the lyrics of the song:

Far, far away, beyond the galaxy
The flames of justice light the night sky
To protect the peace in space, you’ve got to defeat Darth Vader
Laser beams, spitting red fire
Swing your lightsaber
Space is in trouble! Now’s your chance!


If "Space is in trouble! Now's your chance!" doesn't become the motto of 2009, I feel as if we've all failed, in our own way.

[YouTube] (Thanks, Bonnie!)

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Can't forget Sifl & Olly's take on a Star Wars musical:


(The bit comes in at 2:23, but you might as well watch the whole thing, 'cuz hey man, sock puppets.)