The Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel Tries to Condense the Plot of The Rise of Skywalker Into 5 Minutes

Rey and Kylo Ren, fighting it out.
Rey and Kylo Ren, fighting it out.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Star Wars Kids does a great job of making entertaining, accessibly bite-sized chunks of Star Wars that are probably great for children. But this latest time they had an unenviable task: condensing The Rise of Skywalker, which has a… less than simple plot, into a scant five minutes.


If you had any confusions about the plot, this might be a solid resource, and it’s a fun way to re-experience one of the more controversial movies in the series. It’s kinda funny, though, that even this version omits several plotting beats in order to make it fit into the video. What a story, huh?

It’s been a while now since the controversy of The Rise of Skywalker’s debatable quality died down, which means it might be a safe time to think about it again without getting upset or defensive or whatever else. Is a rewatch in order? Well, holidays are usually Star Wars movie time. So, perhaps so.

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Gary Fisher's Lolling Tongue

Rewatches have only brought it lower and lower for me. I fairly enjoyed it opening night. It had some weird plot points and too many death fake-outs, but it was fast paced and had a few decent emotional beats so I gave it a pass. But watching it at home, yeesh. The script is so jumbled and lazy. It tries to find this weird middle ground for people who loved and loathed The Last Jedi, mostly going back on its points, and fails miserably. Finn and Poe are abandoned as characters, and what they did to Rose is shameful. If it has been some middle or side story, it could have been redeemable, but as the end to the saga it was a wreck they should have seen coming.