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The Star Trek Tie-In JJ Abrams Didn't Want To See

Illustration for article titled The Star Trek Tie-In JJ Abrams Didnt Want To See

Spock in a bathtub with another man? Somehow, we don't think that an image that JJ Abrams wanted people to have in mind with the new Trek so close. Click through for Abrams' PR nightmare.


The video below is actually an ad for the new album from Star Trek-tribute band Warp 11, "I Don't Want to Go to Heaven, as Long as They Have Vulcans in Hell." Admittedly, with a title like that, it's almost enough to forgive them this:

Somewhere, someone at Paramount has to be wondering whether to slap a lawsuit on these guys or hire them to play in some theater when the movie gets released next month. Go for the latter! Go for the latter!

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it's a better bathtub scene then that Troi/Riker one that makes me want to bleach my brain.