The Star Trek: The Next Generation Finale, 20 Years Later

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Did you realize that Ron Moore and Brannon Braga were writing the final TNG episode, "All Good Things...", at the same time they were drafting the first TNG movie, Generations? That's just one revelation in some fascinating interviews about "All Good Things," 20 years later.


It sounds as though the process of creating both TV finale and movie was a chaotic one, with the writers in the midst of figuring out Generations when they were pulled in to write one last episode. (And obviously, one turned out way better than the other.) In in-depth interviews with Yahoo!, they talk about coming up with a Christmas Carol-type storyline involving time travel and the stages of Picard's life. And how they decided not to wrap up dangling storylines like the Troi-Riker-Worf triangle.

And interestingly, for a long time they wanted to visit four time periods, the fourth being Borg-as-Locutus from "The Best of Both Worlds."

And also, they wanted a sequence where Future Picard and his former crew steal the Enterprise-D, which is now a museum. Says Moore:

There was a sequence that was cut at some point in the process that I wish we had. The idea was that the Enterprise-D was actually a museum ship and [Picard and company] had to go steal it, which was somewhat of an homage to [the 1984 film] Star Trek III, where they stole the old Enterprise. But it was also an opportunity to go on a guided tour, where they were gonna infiltrate and become part of the guided tour, taking them around to all their old stations. They'd be standing on the bridge while some docent was saying, 'Over here would stand Commander La Farg,' mangling his name. It was gonna be a really fun little thing that sort of had them looking back at their own life and history through the eyes of the future.

The whole thing is well worth reading. [Yahoo! TV]


Platypus Man

For the record, another Star Trek series finale involving time travel that was better than Star Trek: Generations also aired on May 23, this time in 2001...

(Not as good as All Good Things, of course, but Endgame was a fine episode and I thought it was interesting that they were both May 23)