The Star Trek Into Darkness movie poster is here, and it's Cumberbatch-tastic

Actor Simon Pegg has released the first Star Trek Into Darkness movie poster into the world via Twitter. The poster is notable for two things: 1) having Benedict Cumberbatch's villain on it, but no members of the Enterprise crew, and 2) being the same general concept as the Dark Knight Rises movie poster, in which buildings have been wrecked in such a way as to form recognizable and copyrighted symbols, e.g. the Bat logo or the Starfleet insignia. As the folks at /Film point out, these are hardly the only two movies to use this very, very popular design concept; still, what the poster lacks in originality it more than makes up for in Cumberbatch-ery, which I think we can all recognize as the more important quality.


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