The Star Trek Into Darkness Blooper Reel Is A Bit Of A Khan Job

Illustration for article titled The emStar Trek Into Darkness/em Blooper Reel Is A Bit Of A Khan Job

Regardless of how you might feel about Star Trek Into Darkness, there's no arguing that seeing Simon Pegg, Christopher Pine, Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch goof around on set is anything but a good time. Seriously!


On the other hand, if you wanted to be annoyed that this is a teaser trailer for the full blooper collection which is exclusively on the upcoming four-disc Star Trek: The Compendium set, which happens to be your only chance to get all the extras created for the movie since they were doled out randomly on the previous "Collector's Editions", but also contains another copy of the first nu-Trek movie than you almost certainly neither want nor need... well, I'd say you could be pretty legitimately irritated about that.


The Compendium comes out next week, on September 9th.

[Via IGN]

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I thought STID was the blooper reel.