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The star of The Crow remake may have been found, and it's... Professor X

Illustration for article titled The star of emThe Crow/em remake may have been found, and its... Professor X

X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy is currently in talks to don the clown white and mascara of The Crow in the remake of the movie based on Jamie O'Barr's comic. As /Film points out, he's a better candidate than Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper, who were also in talks to star in the remake at various points during the film's lengthy tenure in development hell, although I'd hardly say McAvoy was born for the role. On the other hand, the remake hasn't managed to officially sign an actor yet, which is one of the primary reasons it's been stuck in development hell for so long. Even if he does sign, I'm guessing the movie will still have a much harder time coming back to life than Eric Draven did.


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Just saw him in the latest episode of "Top Gear" and blam, now he is on io9. well those are some hard shoes to fill, but I think James would be a good fit. also, no one ever seems to recall his quite brilliant performance in "Children of Dune".