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The 'Spooky Imaginary Friend' Plot Gets Elevated to Horrifying New Levels in the Creepy Trailer for Z

Looks like Junior’s been drawing on the walls again.
Looks like Junior’s been drawing on the walls again.
Image: Shudder
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In horror, it’s never good if the kid has an imaginary playmate—think Jodie the demonic pig in Amityville Horror, Tomás the ghost in The Orphanage, or Abigail the not-a-ghost in The Haunting of Hill House. A new horror movie coming to Shudder titled Z looks to be cast in a similar mold, albeit with the freaky factor turned way up.


It’s also implied, subtly in the trailer at least, that the boy with the active imagination (Jett Klyne) we see here may have inherited that trait—and with it, a truly ghoulish BFF—from his mother (Keegan Connor Tracy of The Magicians and Once Upon a Time).

Z, directed by Brandon Christensen (Still/Born) and co-written by Christensen and Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters, It Stains the Sands Red), hits Shudder on May 7. If you haven’t already, you can still take advantage of the horror-centric streamer’s 30-day free trial (more on that below).


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Based on the photo, I’m guessing this is about a kid who dreams up a scary monster who can kick the Babadook’s ass and things quickly get out of hand.