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There’s lots of new music coming to the live-action Spongebob Squarepants stage musical, most of it coming from an impressive list of artists. They Might Be Giants has contributed a track, along with T.I., Jonathan Coulton, The Flaming Lips and others. But, don’t worry, the theme song is still there. It’s just... different.


NPR’s First Listen premiered the original cast recording for the Spongebob Squarepants musical this morning and it’s full of peppy surprises. Written by Coulton, the opening number “Bikini Bottom Day” does a great job of introducing the personalities of each character, and Yolanda Adams gives squirrel-friend Sandy Cheeks a soulful twist in the countrified karate song “Chop to the Top.” And while the theme song may be louder and more aggro than the one folks grew up on, you’re still probably going to wind up singing along. You can listen to the whole thing over at NPR and pick up the album when it drops on September 22.

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