Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Plan 9 From Outer Space with the first teaser trailer from the remake, called simply Plan 9. It nods to the original, with the classic speech about "the future." But it's also surprisingly... good?

The Plan 9 remake doesn't actually start shooting until April 2010 — director John Johnson had hoped to finish filming by last March, but he was able to increase the film's budget and film in 35MM instead of 16MM by waiting until next year. But he was still determined to put together this teaser in time for the movie's anniversary, and it includes a loving tribute to Ed and his crew. Do we lose points for admitting that a couple moments in this teaser were actually genuinely scary — particularly the car scene?


Johnson will be having a live chat, answering your Ed Wood-related questions — no angora sweater queries, please! — on Sunday at 8 PM, at this site.

[Plan 9]

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