The SPECTRE Trailer Is So Much Better When It's Starring Roger Moore

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Sure, the recent SPECTRE trailer was pretty damn rad. Daniel Craig is a pretty badass James Bond. However, anything and everything can be improved with an extra layer of classic cheese that is Roger Moore’s timeless interpretation of 007, as this brilliant trailer recut shows.


The wonderful Peter Phillips, known as Mars VFX, took the most recent SPECTRE trailer and spliced in footage of Moore in action as Bond, both wholesale and to edit him into scenes from the movie. As nice as it is that we have a Bond in Daniel Craig that is rough and ready, ruthless and a little menacing, I would pay all the money I could to see a version of SPECTRE that featurings the schmaltzy camp charm of Roger Moore. Keeping the British end up! You’d never hear Craig’s Bond saying that.

SPECTRE is in Cinemas November 6th. Roger Moore’s SPECTRE is already available for viewing, in my dreams.

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Mortal Dictata

Don’t get the love for Roger Moore. They’re playing all his 007 films on ITV4 at the moment and it just looks like your grandad chatting up a younger woman.

Best Bond was definitely Dalton IMO. Kept the charm and wit but got rid of the awkward 60s/70s sleeze and sleeping with anything that moved. Also the fact he wasn’t incredibly old like his predecessor was a boon.