Rare Spectacled Bear Takes An Interest in the Camera Trap That's Filming It, With Adorable Results

The spectacled bear is the real-life inspiration for Paddington Bear, but as we see here, the spectacled bear is capable of making a great live-action movie of its own. Enjoy a fun few seconds of a bear checking out the camera that’s been sent to unobtrusively spy on it.

Placing camera traps in the Sira Communal Reserve in Peru won researchers a look at a number of different species—including a jaguar, a tapir, and an anteater. Only one animal decided to look back at the researchers. Here we see the spectacled bear taking a couple of looks and sniffs at the odd little box perched in a tree.

This isn’t just a cute video. This footage is the first proof that the spectacled bear lives in this area. Its previous nearest known location was about 100 kilometers away.


[Source: University of Exeter]

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