Rare Spectacled Bear Takes An Interest in the Camera Trap That's Filming It, With Adorable Results

The spectacled bear is the real-life inspiration for Paddington Bear, but as we see here, the spectacled bear is capable of making a great live-action movie of its own. Enjoy a fun few seconds of a bear checking out the camera that’s been sent to unobtrusively spy on it.

Placing camera traps in the Sira Communal Reserve in Peru won researchers a look at a number of different species—including a jaguar, a tapir, and an anteater. Only one animal decided to look back at the researchers. Here we see the spectacled bear taking a couple of looks and sniffs at the odd little box perched in a tree.

This isn’t just a cute video. This footage is the first proof that the spectacled bear lives in this area. Its previous nearest known location was about 100 kilometers away.


[Source: University of Exeter]

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The Spectacled Bear Takes An Interest in the Camera Trap That’s Filming It, With Adorable Results

Well if the bear had better spectacles, he wouldn’t need to get so close to see the camera.


What's with the pitchforks?