The Space Car Artist Who Will Make the Tron 2 Lightcycles Throb

Daniel Simon has designed cars for VW & Bugatti, but his real passion is vehicles like this one from beyond the galaxy. Now he's relocated to Los Angeles to work on Tron 2.


While he was designing cars for VW, Simon also designed cars for a fictional company located in another galaxy called Cosmic Motors. In 2007 he published a book of Cosmic Motors designs, and created a website for the company, complete with an elaborate back story about its founding in 8966. Though the founders perished in a tragic space crash, their daredevil, spaceship-loving daughters took over the firm.

If Simon's designs for Tron 2 look anything like the Detonator above, or either of these luscious creations, we're totally sold on the concept design for the movie. These cars are what the cool kids call cherry.See more of Simon's amazing designs on his website. Thanks, J!

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