The Soundtracks Behind Your Favorite Books

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Books have typically missed out on getting the soundtrack treatment that movies have. But more books than ever are getting their own soundtracks now, and that's a good thing.


Today, we want you to create a soundtrack to go along with a book of your choice, whether an old classic or a new favorite. You can go with single album that would go along perfectly as the soundtrack of a book, or you can take more of a mixtape approach and pull together a collection of songs from all over. You can pick a book about music or one about something else entirely.

Put your playlists in the comments now — and tell us just why you picked the songs that you did.


Image: Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

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Was this inspired, in part, by issue #2 of the Bee & Puppycat comic, wherein the duo need to repair a music box? With the application of QR codes that link to YouTube songs, the team integrated song and audio. Also, the music for the broken box was heartbreaking.