Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Spoiler frenzy! Robert Downey Jr. has some new clues about Iron Man 2 villains. New Transformers 2 rumors surface. There's a new Terminator Salvation pic. Plus hints on Dollhouse, Fringe, Lost, Smallville, T:SCC and Heroes.

Iron Man 2:

It's still up in the air whether Mickey Rourke will accept a pittance to appear in this sequel, but in any case the character he'd be playing isn't Crimson Dynamo, says Robert Downey, Jr. So, is he Whiplash? Downey can't confirm or deny that. Maybe the character is "some semblance of both" Whiplash and the Dynamo. In any case, Downey insists that the movie won't fall into the "too many villains" trap. The real enemy comes from within, and the film is all about Tony Stark confronting the responsibility that comes with his great power, yadda yadda. The film is much stranger, and more fun, than the first one, Downey promises. [MTV]


Terminator Salvation:

And here's a new pic of John Connor hunting for Hydrobots in an underground tunnel. Bigger version at link. [Slashfilm]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

An anonymous source sends us this info:

In Transformers 2, they renamed Blackout, Grindor. And the Audi R8 is NOT Barricade, or female, its a Decepticon Sniper, forgot the name. But there are A LOT more Transformers like Protectrons (not Fallout 3) (though that may only be in the game.) And yes, Megatron IS back, and so is the Allspark.


Pretty much the whole shaker full of grains of salt is indicated, but there you go anyway.

Meanwhile, a phone survey asked people how they would feel about particular plot developments in the sequel, including Sam trying to have a normal life, his parents going to Paris, Sam going to college, Starscream returning to Cybertron to lead the Decepticons, Starscream bringing a Decepticon army back to Earth, the Decepticons using an Allspark fragment to revive Megatron, and the "fallen" Megatron seeking revenge. Oh, and the Decepticons decide to take over the entire universe, so Optimus assembles a huge Autobot army to stop them. [TLAMB]


Here's how Chris Evans describes his character, Nick Gant, in Friday's new superteen movie: "He’s had a lot of pain in the past. He’s closed off to his emotions." [North By Northwestern]



Actor Tahmoh Penikett hints that his character, FBI agent Paul Ballard, interacts with Eliza Dushku's Echo in several different situations early on in the series. As Ballard investigates the mindwiped slaves-for-hire operation, he receives an anonymous tip-off about Echo, but isn't sure how seriously to take the information. [Sci Fi Wire]

And Fox Broadcasting posted three little featurettes called "Enter The Jossverse":


How does Topher see his work in programming the mind-wiped Actives? Fran Kranz explains: Topher

sees it as an artistic, creative process. When he builds these personalities, I like to look at it like he’s building a brain. He’s using real parts of real personalities. Nothing is completely artificial. They’re pieces of real people. They’re kind of his color palette, and his final product is a complete person. The show meditates on this, obviously.

And where exactly does Topher get those "pieces of real people?" Says Kranz:

There is a place in the Dollhouse called the Attic that stores failed Dolls and personalities. There’s like a whole warehouse where actual bodies are kept... there is one episode where a friend of someone working in the Dollhouse downloads his or her personality intentionally for the sake of maybe using it later. So that just goes to show that people can come and download their personalities and clearly go on existing as functional human beings too.


Also, he says it gets much funnier after the pilot. [L.A. Times via Whedonesque]


Jewelers, rejoice! It sounds as though Juliet and Sawyer may be having some rockin' times together. Or at least, actor Elizabeth Mitchell tells TV Guide that Sawyer suffers a lot in the new season... but then he gets to have some fun. Asked whether she's the person he has fun with, she refuses to answer. But then she adds that Juliet definitely gets "down and dirty" with someone. [The ODI]


I think we already mentioned the show was casting a ten-year-old version of Ben. Apparently this is a super-gifted science student and piano player who's deeply depressed, and just wants to make his parents proud and win their love. [EW]


We won't get any answers about the Observer any time soon, but we will get some closure on Mr. Jones in the next four episodes, and it's "very powerful," says John Noble. The show will be tackling time travel, genetic manipulation and teleportation, he predicts. [Sci Fi Wire]



Producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite answered fans' questions again. At some point, we'll find out how Arthur and Angela managed to trick Sylar into thinking they were his parents. Neither Claude nor Echo will show up in Volume 4. We may see the dystopian future from "Five Years Gone" come true, since Nathan has turned against his own kind. Claire and Sylar will cross paths again, and their dynamic "is more interesting than you could imagine." (Does that mean sex?)

Arthur stole Molly's ability, and that's how he could find Hiro and Claire in the past — so does this mean Molly is powerless now? Sylar now uses empathy to absorb people's powers, and he has to concentrate to do this — so just crossing paths with another super-person doesn't automatically grant him their power. Not only Meredith, but Flint also, may have survived the explosion at the end of Volume 3. We won't learn who the mother of Sylar's alternate-future baby Noah is in Volume 4. And the dynamic between Hiro and Ando will keep changing drastically, now that Ando has the power. And the bike. [Heroes The Series]


Meanwhile, returning producer Bryan Fuller says he's crafting a major storyline for Ali Larter in season four, if the show actually gets a fourth season. This will reward Larter for being such a good sport — recent filming required her to stay in freezing water for four hours. But Fuller added the show is under pressure to eliminate one or two original cast members. [Watching Heroes]

We'll soon meet Sam, owner of Sam's Comics, and he'll have a storyline with Claire. [The ODI]

And here are some promo photos from next Monday's episode. [SpoilerTV]



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

We will definitely find out this year what happened with FutureDerek and that spooky basement, promises Brian Austin Green. [Sarah Connor Society]



In episode 19, the one where Lois starts pretending to be a superhero named Stiletto to smoke out the red-blue blur, Chloe separately starts knowingly harboring the fugitive Davis Bloome, aka Doomsday. And she feeds him a surprising person as an evening snack on his first day under her roof. [EW]

Also, there are some script pages from that episode. The two punks that Stilletto (aka Lois) trounces are Bruno Manheim and his sidekick AJ. AJ gets arrested, and meanwhile Jimmy goes to work as a waiter at the Ace Of Clubs, the trendy nightclub run by Bruno's boss Milano. Bruno eventually decides to move up in the world and shoots Milano. Meanwhile, he and the newly sprung AJ decide to get their revenge on Stiletto. They rough up Jimmy, beating him nearly to death in their drive for answers. And then they chase Chloe around as well. Eventually Clark shows up to save the day, but Bruno pistol-whips him and he goes down. [SpoilerTV]



The last three episodes of the season can be summed up as "Dean Vs. Sam." Also, the kid who plays Mary Louise Parker's son in Weeds will play a ghost sometime this spring. [EW]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.