The Society's First Chilling Teaser Is Full of Modern Lord of the Flies Horror

A group teenagers seemingly preparing to execute someone.
A group teenagers seemingly preparing to execute someone.
Image: Netflix

In Netflix’s upcoming series The Society, written by Chris Keyser and directed by Marc Webb, the young people of a nondescript New England town wake up one day to discover that they’re...home, but not home. Everything about the town looks and feels the same, save for the fact that all of the adults have suddenly vanished.


Loosely based on William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, The Society follows the town’s remaining population of kids and not-quite-adults as they revel in their newfound freedom—before quickly realizing that they’re entirely unfit to run their strange new society. But it isn’t just that the town begins to fall apart, the teenagers become increasingly violent, and with no way of escaping a place that isn’t really their home, it seems as if they might end up destroying themselves.

The Society hits Netflix on May 10.

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John Zeleznik

Isn’t this sort of like James Tynion’s The Woods. Or is this the beginning of the LOTF knock-off wave. ::trudges off to start work in his LOTF knock-off::