The Smash-Hit Summer Movie of 2009 Is Declared!

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Anytime you come across a casting call for a movie that declares itself "the sciebce fiction sensation of 2009, look out mATRIX," you know that you're in the presence of genius. Thankfully, the makers of said soon-to-be-sensation have shared the plot of their movie in the ad to let people know just what kind of sensation will be rocking their world next year. Move over, Star Trek and Wolverine; Declared! is about to change the world.


How great will Declared! be, if it ever gets made? The plot summary pulls no punches:

In our film, "DECLARED!" People at a bachelor party time travel to 1776, to Liberty hall, to the signing of thwe Declareation of Indipendence. The party people let a slinky down the steps of Libertyu hall, thus scaring the Declareation signers. The document is never signed, we never get our independence and Estonia takes over America in the 1800's. The people at the bachelor party ahve to go back to 1776 again and fix things right.


Admit it; you'd actually consider seeing this movie if they did it right. Not that there's that much hope of that, admittedly, especially with the post's caveat:

There may be stunts involved for the actors, and some nudity, we don't know yert. Salary ism a also an issue, we'll let you klnow.

This is, quite simply, the greatest Craig's List posting ever. If any of you happen to live in the LA area and have any acting experience, you have to get involved with this production and keep us updated as to how - or, indeed, whether - it all goes. If nothing else, I want to know whether nudity and salary become issues or not. I'm guessing that they will.

Casting for sci-fi sensation - DECLARED! [craigslist]


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Charlie Jane Anders

@psych0fred: Is there some secret Wachowski movie project that only you know about? Did they invite you to their house and give you a private screening? We want to know! Because IMDB agrees with us.