The Smartest Guy in the Room Gets Outsmarted, in this New Clip From Limitless

In the Limitless TV series, Brian has amazing mental powers that let him run rings around everybody else—except when the side effects of his “smart drug” start getting out of control. That weakness makes him easy to control, as this exclusive clip shows.


In tomorrow night’s new episode of Limitless, Bradley Cooper returns as Eddie Morra (the main character from the Limitless film), and it’s not good news for Brian. Looks like Brian is up against the wall, unless he wants to skip the injection that helps him manage the side effects of his superdrug.

Here’s the episode description for “Side Effects May Include…”:

When Brian begins to experience the side effects of NZT again, Senator Morra (Bradley Cooper) demands he betray Rebecca in exchange for another inoculation. Also, Brian secretly looks for an alternate cure for himself while he works with Rebecca outside FBI parameters to find the creators of NZT.


Limitless is on CBS tomorrow night at 10 PM.

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For a supposedly smart guy Morra is surprisingly stupid in trying to blackmail a guy he gives a drug that makes him just as smart. That’s setting up for a situation that is going to explode. Does Morra have a plan that includes making Brian his enemy, or what? It would have been so much simpler to act friendly from the start: “we’re the only two with this kind of ability, of course we have to stick together”.