The Sluttiest Bot

A new menace has come to the chat room: CyberLover, a Russian bot who flirts with people in chat rooms, sucks up their personal information, then spits it out for identity thieves. So far, CyberLover only speaks Russian, but the bot's powers are considerable. It can flirt with up to 10 people in 30 minutes, compiling a dossier on each one that includes name, contact information, and photos. See CyberLover hitting on a bunch of ladies after the jump.


As you can see, CyberLover comes in a user-friendly software package, complete with a little chart of everybody you're flirting with and milking for information. Drop-down menus let identity thieves pick whether to flirt like a "romantic" or a "sexual predator." An anti-malware company called PC Tools sent out this image with an advisory about CyberLover on Friday, warning that an English-language version might be next.

Don't believe that people would spill their guts to a bot who could barely speak English or write a complete sentence? Check out the intimate secrets people gave away to a barely-functional bot named AOLiza about eight years ago on on AIM. Image of CyberLover control panel with translations by PC Tools.

Warning sounded over "flirting robots" [Ina Fried's Beyond Binary]

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