The Slow-Motion Death Of The Pulps

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It's apparently time for our semi-annual discussion of whether the pulp SF mags are dying. Locus reports that Asimov's has seen its circulation drop 5.2 percent, to 17,581. Even worse, Fantasy & Science Fiction has seen an 11.2 percent drop, to 16,489. (Wondering if those numbers include pass-around.) Compare that with 2004's rough numbers, which people were describing as horrendously low. PBS asked John Scalzi and two magazine editors what's up, and they say it's not just the Internet, it's distribution and changing audience tastes, among other things. (Plus, it's the Internet.) [PBS via BoingBoing]


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Honestly, it's the magazines themselves. Format wise, Analog and F&SF are pretty much the same as they were when the current editors were teenagers... it's like these guys haven't left their basements since the Kennedy administration.