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This new horror film, The Shrine, looks creepily intriguing. Mostly because it doesn't give away the entire premise in the first trailer. And the boil faced, glassy-eyed evil being you can just glimpse has us pretty scared. Check it out.

Shock Till You Drop has the first trailer for Jon Knautz's horror film, starring Ice Man, Aaron Ashmore, and a few other horror regulars. The film follows a group of journalists who try and crack the lid on one small town's creepy cult practices, but they get more than they bargained for. It will premiere July 25th at Fantasia Fest.



The team behind the beloved JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER are back… with a decidedly darker and infinitely freakier piece of work: THE SHRINE. A small group of American journalists embarks to a remote Polish village in search of (the likely remains of) a U.S. backpacker who vanished off the face of the Earth. His disappearance has been linked to the distant village in question, and the journalists arrive hoping to find answers. Answers they will get, and it's not going to be pretty. Because the shadowy village of Alwaina is a place of very old, very terrible secrets, and of even worse cultural traditions. It begins when the reporters uncover a pagan-looking shrine surrounded by a mysterious fog that hangs frozen in the air, unmoving and deathly. This rouses the already somewhat hostile locals fully against them. Things take an even more sinister turn towards the demonic, pitting our heroes against inconceivable, unforgiving terrors that begin to emerge throughout the village.

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