Illustration for article titled The Showrunner of iThe Walking Dead /iThinks a Feature Film Is Inevitable

The Walking Dead is as popular as ever in its seventh season on AMC, but showrunner Scott Gimple has his sights set on an even higher prize: an expansion to the big screen.

When asked about the possibility of The Walking Dead becoming a film, here’s what he said to

“That question comes up every now and again,” Gimple said. “I’m sure one way or another, one day, it’ll happen. I think it would be cool.”

“William Shatner as Rick. We’ll get Edward James Olmos as Daryl. Hit all the big shows!” Gimple joked about a potential reboot on the big screen. “Matthew Fox as the Governor!”


So... doesn’t sound like the powers that be behind The Walking Dead are making any actual plans for a movie just yet. That said, though Gimple is clearly making a funny in his above comments, a zombie-fighting Edward James Olmos would actually be an amazing sight to behold.

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