The Shining Returns in the First Doctor Sleep Trailer

You see what they did there.
You see what they did there.
Image: Warner Bros.
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It’s time to shine...whether Danny Torrance wants to or not.

Warner Bros. has dropped the first trailer for Doctor Sleep, its upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 continuation of his beloved horror classic The Shining. Set decades after the events of the book, Doctor Sleep checks in with an older Danny (played by Ewan McGregor) as he finds himself reconnected with other people who have the same mysterious gift he dubs “the shining”—only to uncover a quest by a secretive cult to track down people with its power and kill them.

There’s a liberal amount of callbacks to the original novel here—as Danny confronts the legacy of his own father, in ways literal and more esoteric—as well as, of course, many connections to be made to its classic 1980 movie adaptation by Stanley Kubrick. Will this followup by Mike Flanagan (Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House) be able to escape Kubrick’s shadow? Will it even want to, coming in the wake of a horror icon? We’ll find out November 8.


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So is Warner Bros. really positioning this as a sequel to the Kubrick movie? Because the book really isn’t a continuation of that iteration of the story.

Also, I know that King fans hate Kubrick’s Shining for all the liberties it takes with the novel (particularly the way it portrays Jack Torrance as an out-and-out SOB rather than a flawed human being), but to me there’s a weird obsessiveness about the movie that transcends the book. It feels more substantial to me than King’s version.