The Shiniest Stories on io9 This Week

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Stuck trying to find your way back to the island all week? Don't worry we've composed a collection of the weeks best stories for your pleasure.

Star Trek Cake Upsets Nerds

Everyone likes cake, right? Especially if the cake is a Star Trek-themed one made by Charm City Cakes. But if that were really true, then what's behind the meltdown from Trek fans once pictures of Charm City's cake were leaked online?

10 Books That Prove Science Fiction Just Got Harder

Why do so many books labeled "hard science fiction" actually contain technology that works pretty much like magic in a fantasy novel? Hard science fiction is supposed to be the branch of SF that's rigorously scientific, and doesn't gloss over difficult problems like faster-than-light travel. We've got a list of ten books that we think are redefining hard SF for the twenty-first century.


When Did Battlestar Galactica Jump The Shark?

The reboot of gritty robot-apocalypse show Battlestar Galactica was a breathtaking revelation, with its complex characters and hard-edged political allegories. But over the past three and a half seasons, little bits of schlock have started clinging to the show like so many barnacles.

New "Andromeda" Strains Credulity

The new version of Strain left some saying, "Wow, it's like a Sci Fi Channel original movie, only with an A-list cast."

Spock Has A Sweet New Ride In Star Trek Movie

Some new details about the starships in the new Star Trek movie have come out - and they answer a major nagging question about the movie's over-arching plot.


A Facelift Pill That Makes 80-Year-Olds Look 20

It may be a long time before humans can extend their lifespans to hundreds of years, but the technology to make humans look sixty years younger than their actual age is right around the corner


The Robots That Wall-E Stole From

Everyone already knows that WALL-E is a direct rip-off of Short Circuit's Johnny 5. But J5 isn't the only track bot that Pixar borrowed the WALL-E look from. We've taken a deeper look into the world of androids and bulky square robotics and compiled a list of other machines that may have given WALL-E his lensy eyes or tank-track feet.


Ass-Kicking Asian Women with Machine Guns Meet the Apocalypse

Fight scenes featuring beautiful Asian women with machine guns are sexy, scary, and fetishistic.


This Week's Comics: Babes, Zombies And The Love Of Fat Cobra

If there was one word to describe this week's (one day late, due to the holiday) haul of new comics, that word may be "brutal".


8 Things You Didn't Know About Extrasolar Planets

While most of us have our eyes on Mars at the moment, there's a special class of astronomers who have their telescopes trained on planets a little bit farther away. Actually, a lot farther away - completely outside our solar system, in fact. We've found almost 300 extrasolar planets (or exoplanets) so far, and the search continues.


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