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Frozen in carbonite all week? That's ok, below is a recap of the best posts from the past five days. From your pals who love you at io9.

7 Reasons Why Scifi Book Series Outstay Their Welcomes
Why do so many amazing novels sprawl into so-so trilogies? Let alone blah tetralogies, or dull ten-book series?
Pick The Worst Scifi Movie Sequel Of All Time
What's the bigger crime: Bat-Nipples or a break dancing Spidey? You be the judge.
The Most Bizarre Joker Picture Yet
New Joker pics and trailer gives us some insight into how crazy he actually is — turns out to be very.


See The Mad Science That Created Captain America
Stills from The Incredible Hulk debut the Captain's secret serum.
Goth Schoolgirl Falls For Killer Robot, In Killdroid
A young high school girl lookin' for love in all the wrong places, specifically with a murderous sex-bot.
Look What Happened The Last Time Galactica Found Earth
Vintage footage from the last time the Galactica meddled in Earth's past.
Is Speed Racer Just Too Gay?
Why are audiences swooning over Iron Man's shiny suit but not over Speed Racer's sleek car?
Ian Miller's Geometrically-Exact Surrealism
Ian Miller would've been cool even if he hadn't worked on Ralph Bakshi's underrated movie Cool World. The UK native has produced a distinctive body of SF artwork over the last thirty years, sometimes pulling collage and photography into his more traditional drawings.
How Superhero Movies Made Comic Books Cooler (If Not Better)
The success of movies like Spider-Man 2, Iron Man and Batman Begins has had a huge effect on comic book publishers, making mainstream comics cooler... if not always better. Here's a list of 9 ways the superhero movie boom has changed comics.
More Terrifying Than Space is Space Madness
If there's one thing more terrible than having a zombie eat the tongue out of your head by breaking your jaw, it's imagining that zombies are eating you when they aren't. That's why one of the best veins to mine in scifi-horror is madness.


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