Get lost in the book vortex? Don't worry we've got a round up of this weeks bookish posts including the the history of scifi classics, told by their covers, Cormac McCarthy's thoughts on The Road and reading recommendations.

If You Like These Recent Movies, Here Are Books You'll Love
Movies may thrill us with their huge ideas and set pieces, but you always know that anything a movie did, a novel did it first... and better. If you liked these dozen recent movies, here are some books you'll love.


20 Science Fiction Books We Can't Wait To Read in 2010
You've got a list of books to read today, but what will you be yearning to read next year? We've picked out 20 scifi and contemporary fantasy books coming out next year that have us filled with excitement

Strange Visitors And Broken Hearts Will Restore Your Faith In Short Fiction
If you believe in reading short fiction for pleasure, you're condemned to frequent disappointment. Most short fiction, even the good stuff, is... laborious. So when reading the anthology Eclipse Three, you may be startled at the unexpected sensation of enjoyment.

What Cormac McCarthy Insisted On Keeping In The Road Movie
Translating a book into film is hard, especially when it's Cormac McCarthy's simply-worded but powerful novel The Road. Director John Hillcoat told us what McCarthy refused to let him leave out of the movie version.


Scientists Say Jupiter's Moon Europa Might Be Teeming With Fish
New evidence has come to light that the vast, ice-encrusted oceans of Europa may be harboring Earth-like life that lives on the oxygen-rich waters. Time to plan your extraterrestrial fishing trip?


J.J. Abrams' Version Of Star Trek's Salt Vampire And Gorn Revealed
Even though they didn't make the final cut, the salt vampire and Gorn were still in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Take a look at these revamped versions of classic aliens.


Algae Sex and Amoeba Smackdown - Best Microscopy Videos of the Year
Ever wonder what it looks like when algae have sex? Now you'll find out in this winning video from the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Contest. More winning entries in our gallery, which includes an amoeba vs. algae.


A History of 16 Science Fiction Classics, Told In Book Covers
A single book can inspire a wide range of covers, and sometimes those covers can be works of art themselves. We look at some classic science fiction novels and the various covers they've worn throughout the years


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