The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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Spend the week combing cylon technology with ancient civilization style? Don't worry we've got you covered this week gave you major Doctor Who spoilers, creatures with sperm bigger than their bodies and Indiana Jones' fedora gossip.


Your First Look At Doctor Who's Next Big Guest Star
Who is David Tennant standing next to in this photo? The answer reveals a lot about the storyline of Tennant's final adventure as the time-traveling eccentric in Doctor Who, and its impact on the show's mythos. Major, huge spoilers below.


The Strange Life of Creatures Whose Sperm Is Larger Than They Are
Some insects and sea creatures produce sperm that is up to 10 times bigger than they are. Now scientists have used an innovative new x-ray technology to show how this bizarre situation evolved over hundreds of millions of years.

So When Does The Writers Strike Stop Ruining Movies?
Hollywood writers went on strike in 2007-2008, but we're only seeing the results now, in a crop of summer movies with half-baked scripts and abnormally dunderheaded writing.


Jurassic Park 4 A "Long Shot," But NeverEnding Story's Coming
Legendary producer Frank Marshall chatted up his future genre projects today, including whether we'll be seeing the NeverEnding Story continue - and what are the chances of another Jurassic Park movie?

8 Superhero Movies That Broke The Mold (Please Copy Them!)
If Marvel really goes ahead with its plan to put out four movies per year, and other studios follow, we could see a million cookie-cutter superhero origin stories.


Sleeper Offers Classic Noir Pessimism
Now that it's being turned into a movie for Tom Cruise, DC Comics have issued a new edition of forgotten superhero classic Sleeper. But how does it hold up, seven years later? Plus, an exclusive Q&A with writer Ed Brubaker.


Spielberg Puts Indiana's Hat Back In Shia's Hands
Are you ready to hear the Indiana Jones theme song one more time? Indy's co-star from the Crystal Skulls says Spielberg is gearing up for another Indy.


When Did Japan Stop Being The Future?
U.S. science fiction used to be fascinated with Japan, from Blade Runner to Neuromancer. Everything Japanese was cooler, sleeker and shinier than our grubby American aesthetic, and Japan was destined to dominate. And then, Japan's futuristic status waned. What happened?


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