The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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This week, find out why you hate George Lucas so damn much, watch a German town get swallowed by a volcano, and find out more about Watchmen's high-flying sexuality.


You'll Never Guess Who's Naked In Dollhouse
The identity of Dollhouse's mysterious figure, who sits around stark naked while watching yearbook videos of Eliza Dushku in college, has been revealed. Or has it?


Neurologists Explain Why You Hate George Lucas
In just a few short decades, George Lucas has gone from renegade entertainer who filled children's lives with wonder, to the object of wrath and ridicule.

Watchmen's Steamy Sex Scenes Are High-Five Worthy
We know how Zack Snyder put together the shiny blue god Dr. Manhattan, but what about the more personal scenes? We asked the cast how Snyder went about recreating the sexier panels.


First Look At Twilight Board Game And Eclipse Details
We've got a bushel of shiny vampire toys, plus Eclipse movie details. Are you excited to play with Edward's game-pieces under a Twilight umbrella, while smearing "shine serum" all over your body?


What Would Happen to Your City If It Got Nuked?
A new Google mashup reveals what kind of damage you could expect after a nuclear attack on your city, and highlights the effects of radiation spreading outward from the blast.

Star Wars Episode I: I Have a Good Feeling About This
I'd be willing to bet that a third of people who join ascetic orders do it because it's easier than moving. That said, while packing, I uncovered the following gem of a decade-old diary entry.


Four Sweaty Men In Search of a Plot
io9 commenters are right. You keep asking me why I'm watching Heroes, and after last night's episode I'm finally beginning to wonder that myself. Now you can vote.


Little Towns Consumed By Lava Flows and Crumbling Glaciers
Apocalypse has come to the village of Geldern in Germany. A street has crumbled to reveal steaming waters under lava-ridden rock. The artist who created this mega-illusion has destroyed other towns, too.


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